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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a technique of optimizing a website and getting it placed in the high ranking of search results. This increases your chances of placing well in search results therefore, increasing your chances of getting more people to visit your Website.


2. Why is my site not appearing in search results?

There may be several reasons for your website not appearing in search results:

Website is not SEO friendly or Navigation Structure is not proper.

Most of the part of a website is in flash or frame.

Website has not been submitted to Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing

Lack of Quality Content and Backlinks.


3. My website is visible in search engines only when I type my company name?

If your website is lacking quality content, quality backlinks or there is less authority of domain in the eye of search engine. There might be possibility that your website is lacking full search engine visibility. Secondly, the website is not doing search engine optimization or not availing any internet marketing services.


4. How Can My Website Achieve Top 10 Results?

We have been able to attain goodwill among our clients for:

Follow these general rules to get your Website within the Top 10!Make sure your Website is designed with being Search Engine friendly in mind.

Avoid flash Websites because they cannot be read by the Search Engines.

Perform extensive keyword phrase research and analysis and include your final keywords into your content.

Build as many back links, a.k.a. inbound links, to your Website as possible to help build Page Rank (PR).

Never employ deceitful methods and/or black hat techniques to fool Search Engines or visitors.


5. How much time does it take to place my website in Top 10 rankings?

Generally, it takes three to Four months period of time. However, this time period can be vary as per the competition for specific keywords.


6. Is My Website's Age Important?

Yes, and so is a universe of other factors! Better hire experts to come in and save the day or spend years of time researching everything....


7. Why Should I Hire An SEO Company?

As SEO is a long term process and which need continues eye on the performance of the website as well as the movement of a search engine. For an SEO lay man it is very difficult to overcome with the problems and issue the website is facing. There are certain criteria, which need to be followed for getting ranked in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Hiring a SEO Company Mumbai like AIM will play a major role in creating brand awareness of your company profile, services or products. We have an SEO Expert team in the arena of search engine marketing to beat the competition.


8. What will be the number of enquiries or sales I can expect once my site is optimized?

We cannot predict the number of enquires or sales, as the number will vary based on the industry, business, services, product, etc. What we should look at, is the % of improvement when compared to the past figures.


9. Have more questions?

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